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Latihan On-The-Job


Name: Mohamad Amirul bin Mohamad Jamil
Uni: University Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
Course: Multimedia, Third Year

Internship: September 9 – December 27, 2013
Supervising Lecturer: En Adi Bunyamin, Lecturer, Animation


Four months went by quickly for my internship at SpencerAzizul. In my time with the agency I learn how to master the In-Design software. The software is new to me and it is not taught in my university. I learned that I must have knowledge of In-Design if I want to cari makan in Malaysia.

I am most thankful to Mr. Tanay, my supervising Art Director. When I am assigned a project, I’ll think and then share my ideas with Tanay. He’s a good teacher and he guides with me with a patient heart. I learned many things from Tanay.

I am also thankful to Kient Wai, Creative Group Head, who happily shared his ideas, design and layouts with me.

The studio is like a family. Joe Lee, Dinah, Joee and Esther were most helpful on software and design matters.

I also have a chance to work closely with Nazita, Account Director on one of her projects. The projects assigned to me are all real projects and not just exercise.

If you want to get an internship with an advertising agency or a design studio, I will recommend that you give SpencerAzizul a try.